Our most recent productions

Coverage of our most recent main productions can be found on our Home page, along with other recent events and news. Here you can find words and pictures to give a flavour of what we have done going back in recent years. For lots more on productions even further back, visit our Productions Archive.

Haunting Julia (January 2019)


Time of My Life  (October 2018)


Accolade (April 2018)


Love from a Stranger (January 2018)


Murdered to Death (October 2017)


Broken Glass (April 2017)


Improbable Fiction (January 2017)


Murder Weapon (October 2016)


Female of the Species  (April 2016)


Situation Comedy (January 2016)


Journey's End (October 2015)


The Game (April 2015)


Relatively Speaking (January 2015)


Rutherford & Son (October 2014)


Murder mystery: It Went To Sudden Death (June 2014)


The Importance of Being Earnest (April 2014)


If I Were You (January 2014)

Mary (Rachel Newby) in 'Rutherford & Son'