Advertise with Adel Players

Adel Players put on three productions per year, each running for four nights to an audience of up to 160 people every night.  With each audience member collecting a programme at the door, that's a potential audience of 640 people per production! Apart from our high quality programmes, we also have advertising opportunities on this website which is used by our audiences and our members alike.

So, if you are a local business based within West Yorkshire, or if you have an internet-based business which you would like to advertise in our production programmes or on the website, please contact Mike Andrews by emailing him at




We also welcome occasional contributions of wood, paint and other materials or specialist skills for creating our sets or building particular props, such as the van in our recent production of 'Lady in the Van'.  Should you ever be able to help us out in such a way, we will ensure that your business gets a special mention in that production's programmes.  This is a great way for your local business and our community drama group to help each other out.  For more details, please contact Adel Players' Chair Dianne Newby at