Amateur Sleuthing at Adel Players!

Now a regular fixture in our programme, we know that many of our patrons very much look forward to our annual Murder Mystery evenings, held usually at the end of May or early in June. As these now date back all the way to 2010, we thought it would be nice to mark all the work that has gone into these productions and the enjoyment they have offered to so many audience members. Here is the full list of all those we have performed since their inception:

To get more of a flavour of some of these productions, follow the links above. More recent ones feature on our home page.


In case you are wondering why no author is listed for some of the titles, this is entirely because these must be credited to our very own "writer-in-residence", Pat Riley! Pat has put in a huge amount of work over the years to pen these entertainments and in doing so has saved us considerable sums that might have been paid in royalty fees. As all the profits go largely to supporting the Adel War Memorial Association, a charitable foundation of which we are a part, this is greatly appreciated. 

Here is Pat with her husband Bernard receiving the "Spirit of Theatre" award from the Wharfedale Festival of Theatre.


Many thanks to Pat and all those other members who have worked to make this happen and facilitate all the entertainment that these evenings have offered. Our sincere thanks also to the Badminton Section of AWMA who for many years now have contributed by organising and delivering the delicious "pie-and-peas" supper that is so much part of the experience. We leave you with a few pictures to celebrate this part of our programme.