Enhancement of Theatre Facilities Project

Our 2012/13 project to improve our staging facilities


In 2012/13, Adel Players undertook a major project to improve the lighting and sound facilities available for their productions at Adel Memorial Hall, and also to make other staging upgrades too.


Funds totalling £14,000 were raised for the project by way of a grant from Leeds City Council Area Committee Well-being Fund and also an appeal to patrons.


We whole-heartedly thank the Committee for their support, and our audience members for their generosity.


As a result, Adel Players were able to install additional lighting for use in all productions, new sound equipment and an induction loop to help the hard of hearing. In addition, the stage area was fully refurbished to enable a system for sets and flats.


A survey of audience members showed that 85% of respondents agreed strongly that the new facilities would enable Adel Players to make an enhanced contribution to the cultural life of the locality.


Here follows excerpts from the report of David Newby, who successfully oversaw the project...


New lighting rig, circuits and lanterns

"Overall, both audience feedback and our own experience of using the facility have demonstrated that it represents a huge advance in capability.

"The rig has greatly enhanced our lighting options for the future particularly in respect of performances in the round.


"In addition the purchase of a programmable lighting console means that much more ambitious lighting plots can be delivered to a standard consistent with that in the professional theatre.


"It is gratifying that the new members who have shown an interest in lighting have been particularly enthused by the possibilities provided by the lighting set up that we now have in place.


"Our purchases included high quality Fresnel lanterns and no fewer than four profile spots which come with adjustable beam angle and the capacity to hold “Gobos” (for projecting patterned lighting effects). These are features we have not enjoyed in our stock before."


New sound equipment

"The new speakers are aesthetically acceptable in their location either side of the stage and testing has demonstrated that they have excellent acoustic qualities.


"Additionally, the fact that they will be firing over the heads of audience members (as opposed to into the body of the audience, as with their floor-standing predecessors) will of itself improve the listening experience for all audience members.


"In addition, a well-specified multi-zone amplifier has been purchased which will both enhance sound quality and greatly simplify set-up where multiple sound sources are required in a production."


Stage scenery fixing system and new flats

"This was ultimately completed ahead of schedule. The old 'flat-run' was removed, stage side and back walls were made good and painted matt black, and our 'new model' scenery flats constructed and used in the set for Bedroom Farce.


"Their use in that production demonstrated they are agreeably robust whilst being much easier to handle than their predecessors. The decorating finish we are able to achieve on them is greatly improved and of a standard more comparable with the professional theatre.


"Additionally the fixing system they use will be significantly more flexible and they will result in being able to erect and dismantle sets much more speedily.


"We were pleased that all the flats necessary for the purpose were ready in good time to prepare for the production of Ghosts at the end of April 2013."



"The project as a whole was completed some four weeks ahead of schedule; the production of Ghosts (24-27 April 2013) was the first using all the new facilities.


"Councillor Barry Anderson kindly agreed to attend the 26 April performance as Guest of Honour to 'open' the new facilities, and his words of praise for Adel Players were greatly appreciated.


"Informal feedback from both group members and our patrons was very positive. The results from a formal evaluation questionnaire only served to underscored this, as well as providing further suggestions that will help guide the future development of the group.


"Adel Players is delighted that the work undertaken will go towards enabling it to meet its aspirations of providing the best possible experience of theatre for local audiences."


David Newby, Project Manager