BE PREPARED! Our next season's dates:

Like to plan ahead? Don't want to risk being away for one of our shows? For the really keen, here are the dates for the next season starting autumn 2018. 


24-27 October 2018: Time of My Life. A comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, directed Dianne Newby.

23-26 January 2019: Haunting Julia. A chilling ghost story by Alan Ayckbourn (punctuated by his usual wit), directed David Pritchard.

First produced in Scarborough in 1994, HJ is essentially a ghost story. The play is set on the top floor of the Julia Lukin Centre, a bespoke combination of museum, shrine and music school. Here the attic bedroom has been recreated in which Julia, a musical prodigy, lived as a student and died a tragic, untimely death at the age of nineteen. Along one side is the viewing area, on the bed her favourite teddy bear. Three men gather in this room, each with his own connection to Julia, and, as they discuss the events leading up to the apparent suicide twelve years before, a series of eerie phenomena begins to take over the building. Has Julia gone for good or is she preparing one final, terrifying appearance?

10-13 April 2019: Spirit Level. A supernatural comedy by Pam Valentine, directed Alan Foale.

End May/ early June 2019: our annual Murder Mystery, details tbc.


We look forward to seeing you!

OUR NEXT PRODUCTION: "Time of My Life" by Alan Ayckbourn

24-27 October 2018, directed by Dianne Newby

Our next production is a typically witty but trenchant observational comedy from the pen of the ever-popular Alan Ayckbourn.


"Time Of My Life" is set in a restaurant of indeterminate origin in Yorkshire.

Laura Stratton is celebrating her 59th birthday with her husband Gerry, her son Glyn and his wife Stephanie and her other son Adam and his girlfriend, Maureen, who it is obvious Laura is not keen on. Glyn, meanwhile, has just come out of an affair and he and Stephanie are trying to restart their marriage. As the sons depart, Stephanie tells Adam that Maureen loves him, while Laura indicates Maureen is an alcoholic. Laura and Gerry are left arguing about family, business and life in general. 


What follows is a cunningly constructed exploration of their interlocking lives past, present and future. Surrounded by glorious comic characters in the shape of the restaurant owner, Calvinu, and his four sons who wait at table, the Stratton family learn something of the priorities in life whilst prompting us to think about the those issues for ourselves.


Bookings are sure to stream in for this production, so to avoid disappointment, click here!