"Spirit Level" by Pam Valentine, directed Alan Foale   10-13 April, 2019     7.30 pm at Adel Memorial Hall

First produced in 2010, our third play of the season is a light comedy with a strong streak of fantasy and moments of classic farce. Jack and Susie Cameron drowned in a boating accident while on a holiday in the Italian Lakes. They now haunt their old cottage, staving off boredom by tormenting the local estate agent and the various tenants who rarely stay long. Then a young couple arrives and Jack and Susie decide that they really quite like them and start to get involved in their lives.


Director, Alan Foale, says: “Spirit Level is a light comedy about couples young and old and the strange ways in which human relationships develop. It is indeed a play to lift your spirits. I was enchanted when I first read the play and it was so fresh that it held my attention throughout, as well as making me laugh out loud! And it left me to reflect on human nature without ever feeling that someone was lecturing me”. 


We hope to see you at what should be a charming and entertaining conclusion to this season. As always, we do recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. Click here for how to book.

BE PREPARED! Our next season's dates:

Like to plan ahead? Don't want to risk being away for one of our shows? For the really keen, here are the dates for the next season starting autumn 2018. 


24-27 October 2018Time of My Life. A comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, directed Dianne Newby.

23-26 January 2019Haunting Julia. A chilling ghost story by Alan Ayckbourn (punctuated by his usual wit), directed David Pritchard.

10-13 April 2019: Spirit Level. A supernatural comedy by Pam Valentine, directed Alan Foale.


Fri17& Sat 18 May 2019: our annual Murder Mystery, see details in poster below.


And for the really keen (!) dates for the 2019-20 season:


16-19 October 2019: Wait Until Dark. A thriller by Frederick Knott, directed Dianne Newby.

22-25 January 2020: How the Other Half Loves. A comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, directed Mike Andrews.

22-25 April 2020: to be confirmed.


We look forward to seeing you!