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Like what you see? Got suggestions for our website? Any thoughts about Adel Players or a production you have seen? Please feel free to leave comments and (subject to printability!) they will be posted here for website visitors to see. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing the conversation unfold.


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  • Julia (Saturday, January 12 13 08:03 am GMT)

    If information were soccer, this would be a gooooaol!

  • Tom McMeeking (Tuesday, December 04 12 01:19 pm GMT)

    Very impressive website/use of social networking through facebook and twitter. Keep up the good work Jon and David.

  • Webmaster (Monday, November 05 12 11:27 pm GMT)

    Thanks Joanne for your lovely comments. Hope you will enjoy many more of our productions- and more visits to the website.

  • Joanne Fox (Saturday, November 03 12 12:59 pm GMT)

    Terrific website. The links are so well done that I have been on half an hour after deciding just to find out when the date of the next production is, so I wouldn't miss it. All My Sons was an
    absolute triumph!

  • Danny Boy (Sunday, September 30 12 03:10 pm BST)

    It's great to see the site in all it's glory now with so many more images. Keep up the good work. Will let you know if anything doesn't work!