Rutherford & Son

22-25 October 2014

By Githa Sowerby; Directed by Pat Riley

The first play in our 2014/15 season was Githa Sowerby's powerful drama 'Rutherford & Son', written in 1912.


Over 400 people came to see the play, and we received some tremendous feedback from our audiences for which we are very grateful.


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Martin (Robert Colbeck) and Mary (Rachel Newby)


A BIG THANK YOU to all our audience members who came to see 'Rutherford & Son'.





  • "This was truly outstanding drama... we marvel at the ability of your team."
  • "Hearty congratulations on a splendid and riveting production. I'm so glad I came."
  • "They couldn't have done it better at the Grand or the Playhouse - it was blooming marvellous!"
  • "Thank you for what was a truly amazing performance."
  • "A very good and most enjoyable play."
  • "How do they manage to put such a fab set together? It was a fantastic set!"
  • "Thank you for an enthralling evening - many congratulations to cast and team."

Post-production: Director's notes

Pat Riley, director

'Rutherford & Son' is still a relatively unknown play, yet more than 400 people came to see the performances over the four days of the run.


That speaks volumes about the trust our audience has in Adel Players always to put before them a good quality production.


Every night during the run, the audiences were riveted by the story. Every night there was a buzz, with people going off for refreshments during the interval trying to guess what might be going to happen next, and then sitting in the bar after the end of the play discussing what the future would hold for old John Rutherford, his baby grandson, his brave daughter-in-law Mary, and the rest of his family.


Some of them even came up to us as we sat there relaxing in the bar to ask what we thought might be going to happen next in the Rutherford household!


The immediate audience response to all four performances has pleased me enormously, of course, but what has pleased me most has been their recognition of how much teamwork went into creating what they saw.


People always make a lot of fuss of the director after a play but it's the team that counts, and I couldn't be more proud of team Adel Players and what they created in this 2014 production of 'Rutherford & Son'.


Pat Riley

The characters of 'Rutherford & Son'



  • "Well done to all concerned... The acting was superb, with a tour de force from David Pritchard.  I normally only get excited about the comedies but I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The scenery was excellent too. As an amateur group, I don't know how you do it - but you do."
  • "Excellent performance! Thoroughly enjoyed it all..."
  • "Loved it! A great cast who were totally believable in the roles. Excellent staging too! Congratulations on a fantastic performance!"
  • "Well acted and staged and very thought provoking."


Scenes from 'Rutherford & Son'

Reaction on Twitter to Friday night's performance

The set of 'Rutherford & Son'

Programme for "Rutherford and Son"

For further details of this production, including the full cast and crew, please click on the PDF document below:

Programme for "Rutherford and Son"
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