Nude With Violin

23-26 October 2013

By Noel Coward, Directed by Dianne Newby


We began our 2012/13 season of comedies with a little-seen offering from one of English theatre's most popular playwrights.


'Nude With Violin', written by Noel Coward in 1956, was well received by audiences back in the day and enjoyed a lengthy run in the West End. This light, witty satire on modern art has rarely been revived since, but Adel patrons certainly welcomed its humour judging by the feedback we have received.


For more on the history of the play and Coward himself, read Jon's preview blog on The Culture Vulture. To read their review of the production, click here.


Over 500 people came to see the show across four nights, making it one of our most popular productions to date. Our gratitude and appreciation to you all. If you would like to let us know your opinions (good or bad!), please add your Comments here.


Cast and Crew

Sebastien                                     David Pritchard

Marie Celeste                                 Vivienne Bate

Clinton Preminger Jnr.                    Jon Holmes

Isobel Sorodin                               Beth Duce

Jane (her daughter)                      Rachel Newby

Colin (her son)                              Matthew Newby

Pamela (Colin's wife)                     Louise Timothy

Jacob Friedland                              Alan Foale

Princess Anya Pavlikov                   Pat Riley

Cherry-May Waterton                   Stella Garside

Fabrice                                           Andy Sneddon

Voice of Obadiah Lewellyn              Matthew Newby

Georgie (a press photographer)     Shell Peart

Lauderdale                                     Matthew Taylor



Director                                          Dianne Newby


Assistant Director                           Tony Lawton

Stage Manager                               Ron Darby

Assistant Stage Managers               Arthur Duce & Robert Colbeck

Costume                                        Ros Porteous

Props                                         Carol Crossfield, Pete & Viv Stringer

Lighting                                          Will Andrews & David Newby

Sound                                            Sam Delves

Prompt                                           David Lancaster

Front of House                             Anne Andrews & Members

Paintings (in the style of):            Jackson Pollock - Jane Foale;

                                                Marc Chagall - Shell Peart; 

                                                Pablo Picasso - Beth Duce;

                                  Sorodin's Last Masterpiece - David Lancaster.


Director's Notes

What is art? Does it have a defining essence? Noël Coward's Nude With Violin explores the often misplaced faith we afford artists and their work. It is as relevant today as it was when it was written in 1956. Maybe more so in this age of 128 bricks, unmade beds and diamond encrusted skulls!


However, as you would expect from a Coward play, it is a light comedy of manners, not some kind of hammer-the-truth-home treatise. Although not as well known as some of his other plays, it still features the razor-sharp wit and great ensemble writing for which he is famous.


The recently deceased, renowned French painter Paul Sorodin is being mourned by his valet Sebastien Lacreole, his estranged family, and an art dealer Jacob Friedland with whom Sorodin had a long and lucrative association. His wife Isobel, despite provocation and exhortations to do so, has never divorced him and is hoping (although she would never admit this) to cash in on his not inconsiderable estate.


What seems a simple enough settlement at the outset turns out to be anything but. A series of visitors to his studio apartment unveil details about Sorodin's life and works which put an altogether different complexion on things. We quickly learn Monsieur Sorodin was a colourful character to say the least!


I very much enjoyed directing this wonderful comedy. Thank you for your continued support.


My thanks also to all members who have, as usual, given unstintingly of their time to construct and decorate the set.


Dianne Newby

Audience Feedback

"Thoroughly enjoyed 'Nude with Violin' - very well done" - AB


"The Noel Coward play was very good, thank you. Once again, we tell everyone how amazing you all are" - AG


"An amazing show last night. Well done cast and crew!" - CR