Adel Players down the years

Out of Order, 1997

Here is a list of productions from our illustrious past...

Production photos from some of these plays from yesteryear can be found by clicking on the title, which takes you through to Recent Productions, 2011 Productions or our Gallery. Some links go through to a Flickr collection of 10 photos available here, courtesy of Leeds Museums.


If you are able to fill in any of the gaps below, make a correction or provide photographs or other material from any previous Adel Players productions, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us here.


Date  Production  Playwright
Jan 2018 Love from a Stranger Frank Vosper
Oct 2017 Murdered to Death Peter Gordon
Apr 2017 Broken Glass Arthur Miller
Jan 2017 Improbable Fiction Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 2016 Murder Weapon Brian Clemens
Apr 2016 Female of the Species Joanna Murray-Smith
Jan 2016 Situation Comedy J Mortimer & B Cooke
Oct 2015 Journey's End R.C.Sheriff
Apr 2015 The Game Harold Brighouse
Jan 2015 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 2014  Rutherford & Son  Githa Sowerby
Apr 2014  Importance of Being Earnest  Oscar Wilde
Jan 2014  If I Were You  Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 2013  Nude With Violin  Noel Coward
Apr 2013  Ghosts  Henrik Ibsen
Jan 2013  Bedroom Farce  Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 2012  All My Sons  Arthur Miller
Apr 2012  Arsenic And Old Lace  Joseph Kesselring
Jan 2012  Blithe Spirit  Noel Coward
Oct 2011  When We Are Married  J.B. Priestley
Apr 2011  Someone Waiting  Emlyn Williams
Jan 2011  An Inspector Calls  J.B. Priestley
Oct 2010  'Allo 'Allo  J. Lloyd & D. Croft
Apr 2010  The Cherry Orchard  Anton Chekhov
Jan 2010  Caught In The Net

 Ray Cooney

Oct 2009  Taking Sides

 Ronald Harwood

Apr 2009  Tons Of Money

 W. Evans & A. Valentine

Jan 2009  Breaking The Code

 Hugh Whitemore

Oct 2008  Touch Of Purple

 Elleston Trevor

Apr 2008  Holiday Snap

 J. Chapman & M. Pertwee

Jan 2008  The Lady In The Van

 Alan Bennett

Oct 2007  Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

 Constance Cox

Apr 2007  Lettice & Lovage  Peter Shaffer
Jan 2007  Dangerous Corner  J.B. Priestley
Oct 2006  Stage Struck  Simon Gray
Apr 2006  Absurd Person Singular  Alan Ayckbourn
Jan 2006  Season's Greetings  Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 2005  Snake In The Grass  Alan Ayckbourn
Apr 2005  Pack Of Lies  Hugh Whitemore
Jan 2005  Wife Begins At Forty  Sultan, Barrett & Cooney
Oct 2004  The Unexpected Guest  Agatha Christie
Apr 2004  The Memory Of Water  Shelagh Stephenson
Jan 2004  Nobody's Perfect  Simon Williams
Oct 2003  Theft  Eric Chappell
Apr 2003  Mr Wonderful  James Robson
Jan 2003  The Devil At Midnight  Brian Clemens
Oct 2002  The Opposite Sex  David Tristram
Apr 2002  Taking Steps  Alan Ayckbourn
Jan 2002  Time To Kill  Leslie Darbon
Oct 2001  Party Piece  Richard Harris
May 2001  Kindly Keep It Covered  Dave Freeman
Jan 2001  The Deep Blue Sea  Terence Rattigan
Oct 2000  Good Grief  Keith Waterhouse
Apr 2000  Unoriginal Sin  David Tristram
Jan 2000  Funny Money  Ray Cooney
Oct 1999  The Whole Truth  Philip Mackie
Apr 1999  Cash On Delivery  Michael Cooney
Jan 1999  It Could Be Any One Of Us  Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 1998  Dangerous Obsession  N. J. Crisp
May 1998  Rumours  Neil Simon
Jan 1998  The Flip Side  Hugh & Margaret Williams
Oct 1997  Natural Causes  Eric Chappell
Apr 1997  The Anniversary  Bill MacIlwraith
Jan 1997  Out Of Order  Ray Cooney
Oct 1996  The Business Of Murder  Richard Harris
Apr 1996  Happy Birthday  Mark Camoletti
Jan 1996  The Edge Of Darkness  Brian Clemens
Oct 1995  The Fire Raisers  Max Frisch
Apr 1995  Happy Families  John Godber
Jan 1995  Beyond Reasonable Doubt  Jeffrey Archer
Oct 1994  Run For Your Wife  Ray Cooney
Mar 1994  Pardon Me Prime Minister  E. Taylor & J. Graham
Jan 1994  Season's Greetings  Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 1993  She Stoops To Conquer  Oliver Goldsmith
Apr 1993  The Other Fellow's Oats  J. Pattinson & P. Clapham
Jan 1993  Laura  V. Caspery & G. Sklar
Oct 1992  The Odd Couple  Neil Simon
Apr 1992  Alice In Wonderland  adapted by Don Carroll
Jan 1992  The Exorcism  Don Taylor
Oct 1991  A Chorus Of Disapproval  Alan Ayckbourn
Mar 1991  Uncertain Joy  Charlotte Hastings
Jan 1991  Key For Two  J. Chapman & D. Freeman
Oct 1990  Barefoot In The Park  Neil Simon
Apr 1990

 Hell And High Water /

 Black Comedy

 Leonard Morley /

 Peter Shaffer

Jan 1990  Where The Rainbow Ends  C. Mills & J. Ramsey
Oct 1989  The Shop At Sly Corner  Edward Percy
Mar 1989

 Fatal Attraction

 Bernard Slade
Jan 1989  Look No Hans!  John Chapman
Oct 1988  Murder Mistaken  Janet Green
Mar 1988

 Arms And The Man

 George Bernard Shaw

Jan 1988

 Absurd Person Singular

 Alan Ayckbourn

Oct 1987

 Trap For A Lonely Man

 Robert Thomas

Mar 1987

 Farndale... Murder Mystery

 D. McGillivray & W. Zerlin

Jan 1987  California Suite  Neil Simon
Oct 1986  Absent Friends  Alan Ayckbourn
Mar 1986  The Crucible  Arthur Miller
Jan 1986  Outside Edge  Richard Harris
Nov 1985  The Family Dance  Felicity Browne
Mar 1985  Day They Kidnapped The Pope  Joao Bethencourt
Jan 1985  Donald And The Dragon  Dorothy Carr
Nov 1984  Murder In Mind  Terence Feely
Apr 1984  Come Blow Your Horn  Neil Simon
Jan 1984  My Three Angels  S. & B. Spewack
Oct 1983  Bonaventure  Charlotte Hastings
Mar 1983  Two And Two Make Sex  R. Harris & L. Darbon
Jan 1983  Lloyd George Knew My...  William Douglas-Home
Oct 1982  Fool's Paradise  Peter Coke
Apr 1982  Time And Time Again  Alan Ayckbourn
Jan 1982  Shut Your Eyes And Think...  J. Chapman & A. Marriott
Oct 1981  The Paragon  R. & M. Pertwee
Apr 1981  How The Other Half Loves  Alan Ayckbourn
Jan 1981  Sweeney Todd The Barber  Brian J Burton
Oct 1980  Ladies In Retirement  R. Denham & E. Percy
Mar 1980  The Bride And The Bachelor  Ronald Millar
Jan 1980  Dangerous Corner  J.B. Priestley
Oct 1979  Suddenly At Home  Francis Durbridge
Apr 1979  One-Act Plays evening  
Jan 1979  There Goes The Bride  J. Chapman & R. Cooney
Nov 1978  Hobson's Choice  Harold Brighouse
Apr 1978  A Letter From The General  Maurice McLoughlin
Jan 1978  The Drunkard  William H. Smith
Oct 1977  Celebration  K. Waterhouse & W. Hall
Apr 1977  Plaza Suite  Neil Simon
Jan 1977  Move Over Mrs Markham  J. Chapman & R. Cooney
Oct 1976  Murder At Midnight  George Batson
Mar 1976  They Came To A City  J. B. Priestley
Jan 1976  Big Bad Mouse  P. King & F. Cary
Oct 1975  Murder In Company  P. King & J. Boland
Apr 1975  Laburnum Grove  J. B. Priestley
Jan 1975  So Far... No Further  Philip King
Oct 1974  Uproar In The House  A. Marriott & A. Foot
Apr 1974  Not Now Darling  J. Chapman & R. Cooney
Jan 1974  Lord Arthur Savile's Crime  Constance Cox
Oct 1973  Your Obedient Servant  Diana Morgan
Mar 1973  The Man Most Likely To  Joyce Rayburn
Jan 1973  Semi-Detached  David Turner
Oct 1972  Trespass  Emlyn Williams
Mar 1972  Shock Tactics  John Dole
Jan 1972  Summer of the 17th Doll  Ray Lawler
Oct 1971  Midsummer Mink  Peter Coke
Apr 1971  When We Are Married  J. B. Priestley
Jan 1971  Tell Tale Murder  Philip Weathers
Oct 1970  Dear Charles  Alan Melville
Apr 1970  Rape Of The Belt  Benn W. Levy
Jan 1970  A Doll's House  Henrik Ibsen
Oct 1969  Hot And Cold In All Rooms  Max Reitmann
May 1969  The Happy Marriage  John Clements
Jan 1969  Niccolo and Nicollette  Alan Cullen
Oct 1968  Murder On Arrival  George Batson
Apr 1968  The Full Treatment  Michael Brett
Jan 1968  Two Faces Of Murder  George Batson
Oct 1967  Mr Kettle And Mrs Moon  J. B. Priestley
Apr 1967  Rookery Nook  Ben Travers
Jan 1967  The Heartless Princess  Franklyn Black
Oct 1966  Importance of Being Earnest  Oscar Wilde
Apr 1966  Pools Paradise  Philip King
Jan 1966  How Are You, Johnnie?  Philip King
Oct 1965  Goodnight, Mrs Puffin  Arthur Lovegrove
Mar 1965  Wanted: One Body  Charles Dyer
Jan 1965  Hans, the Witch & the Gobbin  Alan Cullen
Oct 1964  Someone Waiting  Emlyn Williams
Apr 1964  Brides Of March  John Roy Chapman
Jan 1964  A Shred Of Evidence  Robert Cedric Sherriff
Nov 1963  Dear Delinquent  Jack Popplewell
Apr 1963  Black Chiffon  Lesley Storm
Jan 1963  Friends And Neighbours  Austin Steele
Nov 1962  Book Of The Month  Basil Thomas
Apr 1962  Dry Rot  John Roy Chapman
Feb 1962  Bellamy  A. Armstrong & A. Ridley
Oct 1961  Something To Hide  Leslie Sands
Apr 1961  Dangerous Corner  J. B. Priestley
Oct 1960  Count Your Blessings  Ronald Jeans
May 1960  The Whole Truth  Philip Mackie
Feb 1960  Fools Rush In  Kenneth Horne
Oct 1959  A Spot Of Bother  Vernon Sylvaine
Apr 1959  Bell, Book And Candle  John Van Druten
Feb 1959  The House By The Lake  Hugh Mills
Nov 1958  Without The Prince  Philip King
Jan 1958  Gaslight  Patrick Hamilton
Oct 1957  Simon And Laura  Alan Melville
Apr 1957  Thark  Ben Travers
Feb 1957  A Message For Margaret  James Parish
Oct 1956  White Sheep Of The Family  Du Garde Peach & Ian Hay
Apr 1956  A Play For Ronnie  Warren Chetham Strode
Jan 1956

 The Secret Tent

 Elizabeth Addyman
Oct 1955  And So To Bed  J. B. Fagan
Apr 1955  Blithe Spirit  Noel Coward
Feb 1955  The Rotters  H. F. Maltby
Oct 1954  We Must Kill Toni  Ian Stuart Black
Apr 1954  Young Wives Tale  Ronald Jeans
Feb 1954  Black Limelight  Gordon Sherry
Oct 1953  The Man In Grey  B. Toy & M. Charles
Apr 1953  Dear Octopus  Dodie Smith
Feb 1953  Rookery Nook  Ben Travers
Oct 1952  Passing of the Third Floor Back  Jerome K. Jerome
Nov 1951  Happiest Days Of Your Life  John Dighton
Mar 1951  On Monday Next  Philip King
Dec 1950  Death Takes A Holiday  Alberto Casella
Mar 1950  Sit Down A Minute, Adrian  Jevan Brandon-Thomas
Dec 1949  Distinguished Gathering  James Parish
1948  Robert's Wife (1st at AWMA)  St John Greer Ervine
1945-47  The Young Mrs Barrington  Warren Chetham Strode
1945-47  Love From A Stranger  Frank Vosper
1945-47  Tilly Of Bloomsbury  Ian Hay