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Anne Andrews


How and when did you discover Adel Players?

I joined the Adel Players in 1981 when I came to work in Leeds.  A certain friend called Michael encouraged me to go along and as a result of this and having a small part in the Adel Mystery Plays, which he directed, I ended up marrying him!


What was the first production you were involved in?

My first production was How the Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn in which I did props with Eileen Clarke, renown for her wicked sense of humour!  She put plastic centipedes in the Fricadella and chewy teddies in the wine but it didn't throw a seasoned and professional like Viv Bate who was on the receiving end!


What different roles have you fulfilled within the group?

Over the years I have acted, done props and prompted and now I usually do front of house.  This jobs starts about four weeks before the play when I email and ring the people on the mailing list.  This job gets longer every time because I have rung some customers so many times they are like old friends now!  After this the phone rings continually until the play ends.  I note down the bookings and about a week before the play I allocate the seats.  On the nights of the play I live in dread in case I have missed someone out!


What was your favourite production at Adel Players that you have been involved in?

An acting role that sticks in my mind was when I played an eccentric millionairess called Fiona Renshaw [in Fool's Paradise - 1982].  I had to wear outrageous clothes and could ham the part up - "Anyone for cockers on the balcers dwarling!".


Indulge a memory and tell us about a funny incident.

An incident that makes me smile even now is when I played Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible.  One or our members was a real joker so you had to be sure of your lines, moves, etc if he was in the same play as you.  He had to come and collect my husband, John, to take him to his death.  On the first night he said he had two men with him, on the second he had two men and a dog and on the third night he had a whole menagerie of people and animals!  Of course everyone was killing themselves laughing whilst I had to turn to the audience and wail for my husband!


How has being a member of Adel Players improved your life?

The Adel Players has been central to our lives for all our married life.  We have met people who have become great friends and have enjoyed a busy social life as a result.  It is great that our two boys are now getting involved; a new generation to ensure the continued success of the Adel Players?  I certainly hope so.


What are your favourite social activities with the group?

I always look forward to the annual dinner in the summer when we are "resting".  It is a good opportunity to chat and reminisce about the year's activities.


What would you say to someone who is considering joining Adel Players?

The Adel Players is a friendly, welcoming group that has people of all ages and abilities.  My advice to anyone thinking of joining would be to come along and be prepared to tackle anything that needs doing - it's not just about acting.  This way you'll get a real feel for amateur drama and have a laugh at the same time.


Anne, with John Stakes, in Time and Time Again (1982)