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David Pritchard

How and when did you discover Adel Players?

I was drafted in to Adel Players in 1991 for a part in A Chorus of Disapproval, as the society did not have a suitable actor. Dianne Newby and I were members of the now (sadly) defunct St Chad's group.

I played a young man with no respect for his elders, in Alan Ayckbourn's comedy about an amateur drama group who are putting on The Beggar's Opera. My character has a number of songs, but it rapidly became clear that I could not hold a note, let alone a tune, so they were cut or handed to other members of the cast.

What different roles have you fulfilled within the group?
I've done a lot of acting, but also a fair amount of stacking. I enjoy the real world Tetris challenge of fitting all the flats and other paraphernalia into the store and could probably make my fortune by designing an app based on it for nerds on iPhones. Crawling under the stage to move the carpets and dodge the dessicated mice is fun, too. Stacking flats is all about the most economical use of space, combined with an intuitive regard for the laws of Physics. I could go into detail, but that would reveal trade secrets which I have sworn to take to the grave - and be profoundly dull.

What was your favourite production at Adel Players that you have been involved in?
Among my favourite productions (one is not enough) are The Fire Raisers by Max Frisch and She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith. Adel Players deserve credit for taking on such demanding plays and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do them.

Indulge a memory and tell us about a special time or funny incident that you have from Adel Players.
In some silly comedy whose name I can't remember, I had to take my trousers off on stage. To my surprise and consternation, my pants came down with them! If it had not been for the old actor's trick of wearing an extra pair underneath (insurance pants), that would have been the end of my career with Adel Players.

What makes Adel Players special or surprising?
The venue makes Adel Players special and their recent success is surprising, if very welcome.

How has Adel Players improved your life?
I've learnt a lot about all sorts of things, from plays and authors to how to move chairs without damaging your back. I've met a lot of fascinating people and I think that I am more confident in front of an audience now, which is helpful outside of drama.

What are your favourite social activities with Adel Players?
Social activities aren't my priority, but I do enjoy the mince pies and mulled wine at Christmas.

Where do you see Adel Players in 10 years time?
If the AWMA [Adel War Memorial Association] continues to flourish, Adel Players could become the best local drama group in the area; it has a large population to draw on for members and the reputation is already established.